Edison Arts Society » “The Family”, EAS Sculpture

“The Family”, EAS Sculpture

The first six months of 2018 have been memorable for EAS. It is Edison Arts Society’s 20th Anniversary, and we have been busy showcasing the extraordinary talents of the Edison community. Our culminating project for 2018 was to create a SCULPTURE GARDEN at Lake Papaianni that spoke to the reason people from all nationalities are drawn to Edison,New Jersey.

We chose to call the first piece THE FAMILY. Fernando da Silva, the artist who created the mural in front of Edison Town Hall, graciously offered to create the piece. The figures are made of steel, the tower consists of over 1,000 hand made tiles, and the ‘wave’ holds 50 stars representing the 50 States.

A little girl holding a dove representing PEACE
A little boy holding a book representing the CONSTITUTION
A mother holding a child representing the HEART of the family
A young woman and man representing first LOVE
An older couple holding hands representing UNITY